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Josie Mills, Ph.D.
English and College Prep Faculty
Developmental Studies Faculty and Co-Chair

Coordinator of Contemporary Journalism Degree Program

I enjoy working at ACC because I feel this is an environment of respect. The school is clean, and those who maintain it are friendly people who care about ACC. The administration works hard to listen to our needs, to keep our technologies up to date, and to ensure that employees feel that lines of communication are open. I have many friends among my peers and know that professors from my own department and from others on campus support each other. Our students take their college classes seriously; they appreciate the interaction with professionals in the field and the new knowledge and skills they develop in their courses. They listen, they share ideas collegially, and they thank their professors for their time and attention. Walk around ACC, and you’ll see we care about each other and about our school. There is the spirit of respect in everything we do.



ACC Professor Chris Ransick presenting in ACC Library


While many of our benefits are listed here, eligibility for these benefits vary and may be based on hours worked and


Full-time, permanent employees can choose from several different medical, dental and vision insurance plans. Health
coverage is not currently offered to part-time employees. All plans have the option to include family members. ACC
pays for a portion of the insurance coverage for our Faculty and Administrative staff to help offset the total cost. See
specific benefits information for exempt positions and state classified positions.


ACC participates in the pension plan (PERA - Public Employees' Retirement Association) available to state of Colorado employees. PERA is the 21st largest pension plan in the U.S., and provides retirement and other benefits to more than
400 government agencies and public entities in the state of Colorado. PERA eligible employees are required to contribute
a fixed percentage (typically 8%) of their salary to the pension. The college contributes a percentage of pay as well.
While you are enrolled in PERA, you do not pay Social Security. In addition to the pension plan, PERA also offers optional
401K and 457 plans. Learn more about PERA.


ACC is committed to helping employees enjoy a healthy, balanced life. Vacation and sick days are each accrued monthly
based on position.
ACC also observes five national paid holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day,
Labor Day and Thanksgiving. In addition, the college is closed for five days between Christmas and New Year's to give employees time off to spend with family and friends. If an employee wishes to take time off for additional national holidays, vacation time can be used. See calendar.


ACC provides Professional Development and enrichment opportunities to our staff with a variety of personal and
professional growth development sessions.


Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) offer you an easy way to reduce your taxable income by contributing before-tax dollars
to an account used to pay for eligible medical and child care expenses.


Eligible employees are automatically covered by life insurance paid for by the college. The plan pays the employees
beneficiary approximately one year's worth of annual pay. Additional life insurance coverage, from one to six times annual
pay, and dependent policies, can also be purchased at affordable rates.


Eligible employees are automatically enrolled in Short Term Disability coverage that temporarily replaces a percentage
of pay if a qualifying disability occurs. Optional Long Term Disability coverage replaces a percentage of pay after Short
Term Disability expires and is offered at affordable rates.
Your personal and educational goals are important to us. Disability Services at ACC can partner with you -- encouraging
and celebrating accessibility, accountability and self-advocacy. Let us help motivate and support you toward academic


Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (C-SEAP), a professional service that provides confidential, short-term
counseling for work-related or personal concerns.


If an employee has an accident while traveling for business, this program provides benefit payments to the employee or
the employee's beneficiary.

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